Thursday, October 22, 2009


Arunachala Ramana, Arunachaleswhara and Nandieshwara In Ashram.

Dr. Rama Rao Conducting Medical Camp in a Village.

Swamy Lakshmana Giving medicines after Diagnosis By Doctor.

This kid Just entered this World and wondering about Its Content.

This Kid is also wondering at Man's Creations and his Madness. 

These Three Puppies teasing the calf, under estimating calf's Power. 
A Mighty learned Man will remain Humble as this Calf.

 Man's means of survival, within gods Creation.
Vast Rice Fields under the Mercy of God. 

Even At the time of Getting Happiness this wicked Mind thinks about something 
and creates distress on its Own.  
 Joy and Sorrow both are creations of the Ego. 

This Ego disturbs the Internal Peace. 
Our inquiry is in Mind Only. Search for that Mind, Then it will disappear.   

For preventing sorrow, there is only one Option , that is destroying the Distress Creator - The Ego.

In the past We might have committed several bad deeds. 
But what is the use now to think about them ? 
If you have those past memories haunting You , Just think who is having those thoughts. 

Inquire within. 

Then You will get the answers as “ME”. Then search for “Who Am I”. 
Then go on searching within for that Self. 
Then All Thoughts will Disappear.

All these Universal acts and actions are creating distress in this world. 
Self-Inquiry is the reaction to Eliminate that Distress.
Then Total Bliss Remains.

If we search for that “Self” that will disappear, 
If we don’t Search, it goes on creating distress for You. 
All our experiences of life are cluster of thoughts. 
Joy and Sorrow are Just Thoughts.
They are inside Us. 
Not Related to External Factors. 

If You can remain without thoughts and Observe ALL,
Then You are like a Creator. 
If You remain with Multiple thoughts You will be Multiplied.
If You are in Unison with one Thought, You will Become One. 
That Eternal One.

Joy and Sorrow,
Knowledge and ignorance,
Illiterate and literate
all are for Mind Only. 
If Mind is suppressed the world is Suppressed. 
Mind is the Root Cause of All. 
If it is suppressed , Natural State will come Out. 
Remembering the past and Planning for the future are Waste of Time. 
It is always better to live in the Present.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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