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Arunachaleshwara, Nandieshwara and Arunachala Ramana In Ashram.

Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Arunachala Ramana in a Nearby Village.
Now the Ashram is establishing Satsang Groups In Villages.

Swamy Ramananda Dedicated to Arunachala Ramana.

Lord Hanuman Who gives Strength and Knowledge.
Gods Gates are Always Open For You.
Lift the Flood Gates of Illusion.
The energy of True Self flows out of You.

""Lift the Flood Gates of Illusion.""
The energy of True Self flows out of You.

Ardha Narieshwara.
Shiva and shakti.
In gods Creation Man and Woman are Equal.
Both are One.
There Are thousands of Temples in Each and Every Village.
People find Peace in religious Places.
Know Yourself.
Then God will come to You.
Your Body is Your Temple.

We all are Under the Grace of God.
Lord Ayyappa's temple in Near by Village.
Lord Ayyappa , The Destoyer of Evil forces.
Know Yourself.
Then You will remove all Evil thoughts of Mind.

All forces are within You.
Activite the real force inside You.
which will help You in spreading Friendship and compassion.
Then You will see everything with Love.
A Balance in Temple.
In the olden Days People used to Offer their body weight of gold and Silver.
Now People Offer their body weight of food items to gods in temple.

Know yourself.
then You can Balance your Life.
You can See everything and receiving everything in a Balanced Way.

Good and Bad.
Praises and Abuses.
Attachments and Detachments
all are in balance in your Life.
Lord Hanuman Helps You 
to Stand with Firm Principles.
He will grant You all the Necessary Strength.
Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala Hills.
The god of Kaliyuga.
Sri Ramana Mahahrshis Name,Venkat Raman is of this God only.
He is also called as
Lord Venkateshwara, Venkata Ramana and Govinda.
Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.
Goddess Durga rides on Lion.
Goddess Durga is the Universal Protector.

Know Yourself.
then where ever You Go.
You will find Peace.
Sir Arthur Cotton 
15 May 1803 – 25 July 1899
He has Changed the Lifes of Millions Of People of Andhra Pradesh.
Please Read a Brief  Biography of him
With due Acknowledgements to Source -
Arthur Cotton was born on 15 May 1803 as tenth son to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Calvely Cotton. He was one of eleven brothers, who lived honorable lives through all the vicissitudes of their different careers. At the age of 15 i.e., in 1818 Cotton joined as a cadet for Military at Addiscombe where cadets for Artillery and Engineering Service ofEast India Company received training. He was appointed to the Royal Engineers as Second Lieutenant in the year 1819.
Lieutenant Cotton started his career with Ordnance Survey in Wales in January 1820 where he received a high praises for his admirable reports. When he was 18 (i.e., 1821) he was appointed for service in India and attached to the Chief Engineer to Madras initially and later appointed as an Assistant Engineer to Superintending Engineer of Tank Department, Southern Division from 1822 to 1824. Cotton spent partly in the Irrigation Tank Department and partly in Military duties in Burma.
After return from Burma, Cotton has conducted marine survey of Pamban passage between India and Ceylon. Cotton was promoted to the rank of "Captain" in the year 1828 and was in charge of Investigation for Cauveri Scheme. The Cauveri Anicut( dam) was successful and paved the way for great projects on Godavari and Krishna Rivers. In the year 1844 Cotton recommended the construction of "Anicut( dam )" with Channels, Embankments, and roads of Godavari Delta, prepared plans for Visakhapatnam port. In the Year 1847 the work on Godavari Anicutwas started.
In the Year 1848 he proceeded to Australia due to ill health and handed over the charge to Captain Orr. In the year 1850 returned to India and promoted as Colonel. Cotton made best use of local materials, that he had in the shape of Hydraulic lime, good stone, and excellent teakavailable in the neighborhood. He succeeded in completing the magnificent project on Godavari river at Dowleswaram in the year 1852. In the same year work on Gannavaram Aqueduct was also commenced.
After completing the Godavari Anicut Cotton shifted his attention to the construction of Aqueduct on Krishna River. The project was sanctioned in the year 1851 and completed by 1855. After completing the Krishna and Godavari Anicuts, Cotton envisaged of storages of Krishna and Godavari rivers
In the year 1858 Cotton came up with still more ambitious proposals connecting almost all major rivers of India and suggested drought relief measures in Orissa and interlinking of canals and rivers. Arthur Cotton was retired from the service in the year 1860 and was knighted in the year 1861 and left India. In the year 1862 and 1863 visited India and offered advice on some river valley projects.
His work in India was so much appreciated and honored with K.C.S.I (Knight Commander of Supreme India) in the year 1877. The Spiritual solace strengthened and comforted him until the very end of his earthly mission i.e. the 24th of July 1899 at the age of 96 years. He is a much revered figure in the state of Andhra Pradesh for his contribution in irrigating the area of land also known as Konaseema.
In India due to his contributions the new barrage constructed across River Godavari Upstream side of the Anicut was also named after him and dedicated to the Nation by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India in the year 1982.

Due to Sir Arthu Cotton's Contributions in this Area,
 with his vision of using water Resouces,
People of these Districts are in Prosperity.
Sir Arthur Cottons Contribution is Selfless Service to Mankind.
People of These Area of Konaseema regard him as God.

 Take Inspiration from Sir Arthur Cotton.
Make Your best Efforts in Assisting the Mankind.
Know Yourself.
You are Having all the Necessary Strength to make some difference.
Assist the Poor and needy According to Your Capacity.
Why He did all this, Because he has seen God in All.

Come to Ashram.
Join with Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humantarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


When Friendship and Compassion are associated that is called as love.
That love is far superior than both of them.

The Most essential qualities which a practicer should adopt is,
he has to remain without any sense of belonging
and remaining in a sense of detachment,
without identifying himself with body with his passions and attachments.

Why we are doing all these Practices,??

It is for our liberation from unreality only.

Our Pride and Passions are main stumbling blocks in the path of knowing the self.

Due to our identification of everything with our body,
And all associations which are attributed to that body like ,
A form of Beauty or ugly , Education and experience of work,
Wealth and health, name and fame, Power and Pride,
Authority and associations, assets and liabilities,
The various issues associated with family,
All these are contributing for nurturing our Sense of Self identification with body
 and associated Attachments with various things.

There is no possibility of removing this Pride and passions
with our advanced scientific knowledge and reasoning.

It is only possible only with serious feelings of renouncement.

With firm orderly step by step practice,
with proper understanding of the reality, they can be removed.

For this removal, humble way of attending to duties
without any expectations is required.
They are removed when we execute our duties
without waiting for the anticipated results.

They are removed when all the results are received with total equality.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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