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Arunachaleshwara, Nandieshwara and Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Lord Shiva in an Ancient Temple Near Ashram.

Mr. Arun Ahuluwalia of Canda,
 A young Man and a Great Devotee of
Arunachaleshwara and Sri Ramana Maharshi
Is the First donor to the Ashram from Face Book.
On the Occassion of 130th Birthday Celebrations of 
Sri Ramana Maharshi on 30 th december , 2009,
Mr. Arun Ahuluwalia has sent Us Dollars 120 (One hundred twenty )
for Meeting the Food Expenses on Sri Ramana's Birthday.
Ashram Received diffrent types of Contribution
 for 130th Birthday Celebrations.
From Vegetable to Food items.
Form Hand full items to Bag full of food grains.
From small amounts to Selfless Service.
Mr. Arun Ahuluwalia's Contribution is a Major Amount.

We request all devotees to donate according to their Capacities,
Without straining their Budgets.
Meet. Mr. Shobhan Babu with Swamy Ramananda, 
the first International Visitor from Abu Dhabi.
He Joined with Ashram profile in Facebook In January,2010.
He is having Fourteen years of Dedication to Sprituality.
He is a Great Devotee of Lord Muruga. (The Second Son of Lord Shiva.)

Attracted by Swamy Ramananda's Dedication to Sri Ramana Maharshi,
He came to India , to meet him personally to understand Sri Ramana's Preachings.
The Temple is decorated For Maha Shiva Ratri Festival.
Mr. Shobhan Babu and his Friend Mr. Venkateshan,
Whos name matches with Sri Ramana Maharshi,
Arrived on Mahashivaratri Day .
A sudden Programme fixed by Sri Ramana Maharshi for them on Mahashivaratri Day.
All arrangements are made for night long Pooja and Bhajans.
All the Deepams are arranged in the form of Shiva Linga.
The Evening Poojas started by Sri Datta Swamy,
By lighting the Holy Light.

Mr. Shobhan Babu lighting the Shiva Linga.

All the Devotees from Village 
participated in lighting the Holy Shiva Linga.

According to Scriptures, On Maha Shiva Ratri Day,
If a Deepam is offered to Lord shiva, 
All the Sins will be cleared.
Devotees from local villages participated in all the events
on Maha Shivaratri day  from Moring to Evening.
When Bhajans and Names of lord shiva are recited or listened 
on Maha Shiva Ratri day, all sins will be removed.
The Devotees  Performed  Bhajans  till the Next day of Maha Shiva Ratri.
Know Yourself.
then You will experience god at all places.
At Your Own Place.
Right Now where You are,
there He will come to You.

Another Good day in life.
all days are golden Gifted by god.
when You know Yourself.
You will see god everywhere.

Mr. Shobhan babu and Mr. Venkateshan were taken to
Nearby by Holy Places of Lord Shiva and 
Shanthi Ashram,where great saints did Penance in Holy Hills.
Where ever you are , Your House is Holy Place.
Your People are to be taken care of first.
Attend to Your duties and Responsibilites of Home.
Assist others Around Your area, according to Your Capacity.
 These Modern day  Pressures
 are having adverse effects on our health.
Both Physically and Mentally.
To get some relief, we will follow the Masters.

Know Yourself.
Practice self-inqury as prescribed by Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Visit the Ashram to learn the Simple steps for leading a Peaceful life.
Spend some time with Swamy Ramananda
Who got divine blessings from Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Trust him to turn your life into beautiful Path.
Ashram Provides peaceful atmosphere to all Devotees

 All are welcome to visit the ashram at any time ,
 at their convenient time,
for learningthe  the Preachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Ashram has taken Big Responsibility of reaching out to
 all devotees of Sri Ramana maharshi, Across the Globe.
Give Your Helping Hand
 in Developing this Ashram as International Centre.
This Ashram Belongs to All Devotees.
Assist the Ashram with your donations.
Assist according to your Capacities.
Dont Strain Your Budgets.
Mr. Shobhan Babu donated One hundred twenty Dollars
and promised to send contributions to Ashram's Online International Account,
For using that Money in Ashram Development.
A true friend always Sticks to a Friend.

Mr. Venkateswaran silently accompanied and 
Supported his friend Shobhan Babu, 
in their journey of knowing the true self.
Trust Swamy Ramananda as Your friend for Long term Friendship.

Where ever You are see the beauty around You.
And spread love and concern for all.
It will help You in knowing Your true Nature.

Sri Ramana Maharshi's Grace is there on all of us,
 Every Moment.
Swamy Ramananda with his divine guidelines 
From Sri Ramana Maharshi, 
always ready to take us in right Path.

Please come and sit with him to Experience the truth.
and lead life in peace full happy manner.
You are welcome to visit ashram and meet him at Your Convenient time.
Mr. Shobhan Babu discussed with Swamy Ramananda
and promised to meet him again, for progressing in the path.
he assured all types of assistance by him and through his friends
For  development of ashram, according to his Capacity.

there are different distorting things in world.
Know the right path as prescribed by Sri ramana Maharshi.
With their great sense of Achievement,
With their pride and Ego wrapped with  wealth and fame,
With their illusionary identification with  their body,
they will be with their pleasures in their imaginary world.
Some are destined to be in their own worlds.
some will come out of that.

Inspite of bathing these dogs with excellent rose water in beautiful Spa's.
they preferred to take rest in dust.

rationality and Judgement and discretion is there only for Humans.
when we know our true state.
we will accept everything.
Look at this Beautiful young calf.
It will be trained in the path to progress in the right Path.
In the initial stages it will be tied to a Pole.
to prevent it from grazing in others fields.
It will try to Escape and eat in others farms without permission.

Our Mind is also like that
It has to be tied with self-inquiry
to progress in the path.
when our mind is controlled it will not go in different directions.

Its focus will be in doing good things and knowing the true self.

It will be given total freedom after it is controlled.
It will be set free, and it will never leave its Place.

Similarly as we progress in the Path,
Our mind will be centered around the true self.
It will be free from all types of attachments.

You will be free from all types of Mental Blocks.
that Mind gets merged with the True self.

Allways listen to elders with open Mind.
By applying and controlling all your senses.
dont take it from one ear and leave it from  the other.

Listening to learned Masters is allways Helpfull.
Make the first Initial big Step.
A confident first step is very essential.

Trust the Masters.
they will take you in the right Path.
Sri ramana Maharshi's Path is Prescribed for You.

You can see visible changes in your life.
As you progress in the Path Prescibed by
Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together 

The way of selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


The person who has renounced the A to Z of everything,
without any type of initial initiation from his side to  do anything,
attending to all things without identifying himself as the doer of those things,
always remaining in this  world by placing all  the burdens on god ,
is the real devotee.

Those who are not elated with obtaining the  desired things,
Not having any types of hate at the time of facing hardships
By receiving all undesired things,
Not having any types of distress at the time of difficulties and dangers,
Is the real devotee.

Those who left all their auspicious and unfortunate events in life
with their total love only for god,
is the real devotee.

When mind is with total contentment, your status of rich or poor is immaterial.

Certain things which give comforts and satisfaction at one time,
may cause distress and unwanted at other time.

Those who are deriving total equality with their balanced approach,
By associating with friends and enemies,
Accepting all praises and abuses,
Receiving of respect and insults,
Withstanding heat and cold of seasonal changes,
In Dealing with distress and delight,
is the real devotee.

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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