Monday, February 15, 2010


Lord Ganesha in Our Ashram.
Arunachaleshwara in our Erakam Palem Ashram
of Lakshmana Swamy.
Arunachala Ramana in Our Erakam Palem , Ashram.

One Lakh Bilva Patras, the holy leaves are getting ready for 
Arunachaleshwara's Pooja.
Pooja with One lakh Bilva Patras and with Other Sacred Pooja Items.
Dara Brahmarambika Mallikarjuna Swamy.
Ancient Shiva Linga in Samarlakot Shiva Temple.
Millions of people across the world celebrated Maha Shivaratri.
Total Surrender to Guru, total Surrender to God.
Even now True Devotees See God in Great Saints.
In Erakampalem ashram, People  Performing Pooja To Lord Shiva.
God will listen to Everyone. 
We have to follow age old customs and traditions as laid down by Saints.
Arunachalaeshwara in Ashram.
The Holy Hill of Arunachalam is a Agni Linga, Tejo Linga.
Lord Shiva is in the form of Holy hill of Arunachala, at Trivannamalai.
Thousands of Devotees performed pooja on Mahashivaratri,
To various shiva Linga's and Statues in Ashram.
All the offerings to God are given through Agni.
Devotees performing Homam.
All the devotees are given Holy Prasadam of Lord Shiva.

A  Traditional Rice Preparation Called Pulihora is prepared.
 Consisting of Rice, Tamarind, Ground nuts, and other spices.
All Great traditional Poojas are performed in Ashram
on 12th Febraury, 2010, Maha Shiva Ratri Day.
Offering of Coconuts to gods is very auspicious.
Thousands of Coconuts are used in Pooja .
 each devotee  offering atleast one cocount.
Devotees started visiting Temple from 6 Am
 and thousands of people had the darshan of Lord Shiva.
Abhishekham to Dara Brahamarimbaka Mallikarjuna Swamy is done 
with Milk,Curd, Honey, Ghee , Sugar, 
 various flowers and Fruit Juices and other Pooja Items as per Tradition.
No Of Devotees performed Homam with the their Family Members.
This Pooja is called as Maha Mruthyunjaya Maha Yagam.
for the divine blessings of Lord Shiva.
The Agni, Purifier of All sins.
All the people are busy with their own Pooja at different Places in Ashram.

 Sri Parvathi Parameshwara'sKalyanam(Marriage) is 
 Perfomed at 11 Am as per customs.

Devotee Spreading his hands for receving
 gods Grace in the Form of Prasadam.

Pooja to Dara Brahmarambika Mallikarjuna Swamy 
with One lakh Bilva Patras.(Holy Leaves).
The Area is filled with Divine Aroma of Incense sticks.
It filled the entire area with divinity.
Lord Hanumans Blessings to all Devotees.
When You are in Happy state or in Troubles.
 Day and Night.
Gods Grace is there on You Every Moment.
Know Yourself, then You will know about it.
Inculcating good habits in childhood makes disciplined Citizens.
All age group devotees participated in the Pooja.
Barricades are errected for smooth flow of Devotees.
discipline is required in devotion as well as  in your daily duties.

Aerial view of a Portion of the Ashram.
It is faith  and hope which moves peoples.
Have faith in yourself.
. Know Yourself. 
Then You will Experience God.
The Small temple with Great Power.
So there is no restirctions for knowing your true self.
You may be rich or Poor. 
Educated or ignorant.
With Authority or without it.
Male or Female .
all are one.
 All are equal before God.
Different Devotees errected small shops for the day
For catering to Devotees Pooja Needs with Flowers, Cocunuts etc.
Most of these People are Very Poor.
And happy with what they have.

Devotions to God Helps us in eliminating our Endless Desires.
The world Moves On . the cycle goes On.
A father with his lovely Child.
Attend to Your duties and responsibilites.
When You know yourself,
You will execute them Perfectly.
It is once in a year, auspicious event in life.
All the devotees will attend to Temples on this Day.
All their sins will be removed with the Grace of Lord Shiva.
All Types of Attractions are there.
from Gods Pictures to Film Stars Photos.
When You Know yourself.
You will make the right choice.
A mother Knows the needs of Children.
Attend to all their needs without disappointing them.
All your material life is for sharing with family and relations.
And Also Try to donate something to less Priveleged people 
According to Your Capacity.

This life is just a Merri go round.
Just an Illusion.
Know Yourtrue self.
Stand firm on ground after the ride.
The sooner the Better,
 to come out of that Illusion.

these kids know that it will last for only few minutes.
so Your physical existance is too short,
so start Knowing about your true self.
Keep Your feet firm in that state Permanenty.

Thousands of People have gone for Bath in Holy Water Falls.
These waterfalls are just 20 minutes walk from Ashram.
In These Holy Hills great Saints did Penance.
Swami Omkar of Shanthi Ashram and other great Saints of Present Era
Did their Penance in  surrounding Holy Hills.

Thousands of People will come on auspicious days to these hills
for doing Pooja to Lord Shiva Under Water Falls.
After these special events the nature goes back to its original state.
Without any disturbance of Large Crowd.
When You are in forest or in City.
You should remain like this Forest.
Just accepting all events as they move before You ,
Like these forests which had thousands of people one day, and silent on the other day.
Do Your duties and responsibilites accept everything with total Equality.
The Men who supervised the Pooja, offering their respects to Devotees
 for doing Poojas with total devotion and Dedication.

Local News Papers and Television Channels 
covered the Maha Shivaratri Celebrations in Ashram.
Swamy Ramananda and Swami Lakshmana
 Now Known across the world,
all for a Reason, as guided by Sri Ramana Maharshi.
They dedicated their lifes to Sri Ramana Maharshi and to his Devotees.
We are always under the shade of god.
You can have all material things without any bearing on Your Mind.
Know Yourself.
Then There is nothing left to be Known.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram In its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together 

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

 What You want to Achieve ??

Every one wants to achieve and remain in comfortable position,
That comfortable position is granted to you every day,
Which you experience in your state of sleep.

Try to retain that state of comfortable peaceful position ,
While you are in awakened state also.
That is enough For You.
You can remain in that state through self-inquiry.

Graceful assistance is always there for You,
The only difference is you are not making use of it.

After sometime from Now you will go to sleep,
Then After arising from Your sleep in the morning,
You will say that “ I had a pleasant comfortable Sleep."

Whatever is there in that sleep,
Which you have experienced, is always ever present.
That is your natural State.

But you have not adopted those characteristics.

So now start adopting whatever you have experienced in that state of sleep;
That is “Lord Shiva” for You.

Are You not there in Your sleep ?
Have You sensed any shape and form for you in that sleep ?
Have You remained in your form while in Sleep ? .

You are there.
That “I” which is there in your sleep is also present Now.

In Your Experience of sleep You remained without body.
Now also you are beyond the scope of that body. It means the real You is not Body.

Because of non- existence of body only you are comfortable.
Because of non-existence of any thought about body,
You have experienced a pleasant sleep.

That “I “ is present now also.
Whatever remains firmly in stable state is the real true nature.

In Your sleep, body is not there.
But the experiences of comforts are there.
That bliss is existing now also.
 That true self has no body.

In this way if you don’t have body, how can Lord Shiva will have that.
If you have body,Lord Shiva is also having body.
If you are not there, he is also not there.

Lord Shiva Means a form of Eternal Bliss.


A lamp gets extinguished when the Oil is over.
Like that when the physical body falls with degeneration,
The person who has experienced his true state and present in his true self,
Will remain in Him by Himself.

Like that oil, as long as the destiny is there, with the light of that physical body,
With its beautiful form, with your atomic body with its intelligence,
You will be shining brilliantly.

When the accumulated fortune is over,
Like the veils which are placed around that lamp are falling down,
Those bodies  will fall down.
Even after the curtains around the lamp are down,
The lamp which is there inside will be shining on its own.

Similarly a self realized person will remain in his true self
Even after leaving all types of his bodies.

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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