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Sri Dara Brahmarambika Mallikarjuna Swamy
in Our Erakampalem Ashram Temeple.
Arunachala Ramana in Ashram Temple.
Swami Ramananda Inspecting the Preparations for Pooja on
Maha Shivaratri Day.
There is an ancient Cave in  these Holy Hills around Ashram.
There is one Ancient Lord Shiva Linga is there in this Cave.
Lord Shiva Under Water Falls.
the Sacred Holy water is flowing over shiva linga from Generations.
According to Local Legend Gods will come here and Perform Pooja
for Lord Shiva.

Thousands of Devotees came here to worship Lord Shiva.
There are several Places, where water if flowing from the Hills.
Devotees having holy bath in holy waters.
 After this, they will go to lord Shiva and worship him.
the Local villagers made all arrangements for the Devotees.
All types of devotees
 Rich and Poor Young and Old, Male and Female,
all these for your Mind only. 
Before god All are Equal.

A Boy sitting on his Father's shoulder to have a Glimpse of Lord Shiva.
For Poor People , These Slippers are valuble essential possessions.
What about our endless unnecessary Possessions ?
Know Yourself.
Then You will know the others Needs.
Assist them  According to Your Capacity.
People Totally Immersed in Nature.
Try to find them in between the leaves.
Youth are having Extreme energy and enthusiasm.
As elders it is our duty to divert them in right Direction.
Know Yourself.
 Assist the Society in Making Good Citizens.

There are Millions of Youth for whom
 meaningful Employment is needed
 on EMERGENCY basis.
Let all of us try to Create More Opportunities
 for the Youth for their Survival.

Mostly engaging them in increasng our natural resources
 and availability of food Products.

Not worried about all the Problems of the World.
A Brother and Sister enjoying their Bath.
This Man is In Deep thought ???
To make some difference.
Know Yourself.
You can do wonders by helping others.
Some More Men confident of Facing the world.
Let all of us try to provide work to the Youth.
In Deep thought among the People.
dont think that You are in trouble
 and all other routes are blocked for Your Progress.
God always gives some other alternatives for You.
Know Yourself.
then You will know all the Escape routes
 and will go in the right Path.
People Came in Large Numbers and
 Youth found new routes
and left the Main Steps for Women and Children.
When You Know Yourself.
You will find different Posibilities and solutions for all Problems.
You can handle everything effortlessly.
Brilliant Smiles on the Faces of Devotees.
Tough People will find New tough routes.
You are unique and special.
Know Yourself.
Then You can find Solutions to all the Present Problems
 facing all the People of Globe.
We all are One. Our Goal is welfare of All.
Let us love each other with out any second thoughts.
No One can Enjoy all Alone on their Own.
All needs Company.
When You Know Yourself.
You are in unison with all.

Always be in the Company of Good People at good Places.
It Will come back to Normalcy within twenty four hours.
But with in 24 hours we leave all types of Pollution on these Hills.
these hills are not able to meet our endless demands.
Let us try to bring more land under forests and Nature.

Know Yourself.
Then You will know the Laws of Nature.

These types of Forests are getting eliminated Everyday.
For meeting our ever expanding endless demands.
People enjoyed at several locations of water falls.
All the people moved flawlessly
 in performing Poojas to Lord Shiva.
All Waited for their Turn at water falls.
Every one had their bath quickly and
 moved on for providing place for others.
all are busy in their Own way. 
You are also having excellent Nature around Your Area.
Try to protect Nature around Your Area.
She has all the Necessary Strength.
Her Pain is not in Body, but it is in her Heart.
None of Her people Accompanied Her.

But her devotion to Lord shiva Brought Her here.
Let us try to Help the elderly people around Our Area.
When You know Yourself.
You will do wonders.
This Boy is under the care of his Mother 
without any burdens on his shoulders.

Another boy already started taking responsibilites.
So dont be childish in Accepting Your Responsibilites.

Know Your self.
Then You can take all responsibilites and duties.

God Gives work According to Your Capacity.
So Accept all challenges and
 execute them flawlessly.
In that Process assist all the People 
who are in Need of Your Services.

Always Extend a Helping Hand.
 It Gives Immense Satisfaction.
When You Know Yourself.
You will running like a Free Bird.
Like this Boy with total happiness.
He is Not Bothered about his shirt or his people.
Just an innocent Clean mind with Happiness.

Another Old Women with total Dedication to Lord Shiva.
Going Up the Holy Hill for doing Pooja to Lord Shiva.
With Faith One can Move Mountains.
Her Faith in Lord shiva is taking her to lord shiva..
Dont Experiment on Your Own.
Dont be over confident with your Pride of Position and Wealth.
It is Not a circus to climb hands Free.
All are Equal in the Path. 
Listen to learned masters, they will take you in the right Path.
I want to Know the Secrets of Lord Shiva.
Under these ancient Water Falls.

I will make another Visit.

Know Yourself.
Practice the Methods Advised by Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Then Lord shiva will come to You.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us Travel together


The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

””What we understand about spiritual leaders and gurus is totally different.””

Spiritual means which is not primarily a Physical Aspect.
There is no limit to that True self and No form also.
It is Similar in the case of Spiritual centre also.

There is only one Centre.
It is not different either in East or West or at any other Place.
There is no Fixed Place for it.
It is endless and continuous in the present.

As it is Ceaseless and endless, All these people, important people,
The world and its constructive forces and
Destructive forces all are under its fold.

Association with them means, you have considered those Spiritual Masters
As persons with physical form, those spiritual souls are not with body,
They are not aware about their physical form.

They are endless formless true self only.
They are in unity with themselves and in unity with all,
Not only that, they remain in all.

When Intellect is functioning, the desires, the attachments and
their comforts and distress and all other various things are Arising.

In Sleep, when that Intellect is eliminated none of them are arising.
So they belong to intellect and the thinking faculty of Mind.
They are never related to the true self.

The Meaning of Elimination is not Destruction,
the real meaning is Non – appearance.

In sleep that intellect is not destroyed.
if it is destroyed there, it is not possible for it to arise in awaken state.

In Sleep the intellect will remain in suppressed state with no outward appearance.

In Dreams it is again appearing.

All these are arising with intellect and they are disappearing along with the intellect.

Because of this, all attachments and others things belong to intellect and Mind only, they are no way connected with the True Self.


By seeing the reflection of Moon in running waters,
boys will think that” The Moon is Moving.”

Similarly an ignorant person with lack of rationality ,
Attribute different qualities of mind, Which are based on that Mind,
Like I am the doer etc, as the qualities of the true self.
They are under the illusionary identification of the qualities of true self.

Base means support.
 The reflection of Moon is supported by that Water.
If water is not there. That reflection is not Possible.
Simlarly the true self’s consciousness is reflecting on Mind.
So that mind has become support centre for your True self.

As there is no possibility of applying the qualities of water to the Moon in the sky ; 
the qualities of Mind like, I am the doer, I am the beneficier,
I am the Enjoyer.,etc, can not be applied to the true self.
There is no possibility of applying these feelings of mind to the True Self.

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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  1. Dear Sri Ramana Maharshi & Datta,
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