Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Lord Shiva.
Dancing on Evil Demons and destroying them.
He will remove all our evil thoughts and deeds.
Arunachala Ramana's Grace and Knowledge comes from His Picture.
The Camphor light reflecting on his Picture.
His graceful Presence across the Globe.
Will remove all types of doubts from your Mind.
Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Lakshmana.
Presenting Sri Ramana's Preachings.
Great learned Saints like the Presence of Swamy Ramananda.
Mr. Venkanna and Mr. Veera babu
Attending to the Newly Born calf.
The Mother and Brother having a vigilant look on them..

Hi, I just entered Your world.
No Name for Me.
All Names and forms are creations of Your Mind.
This Baby will try to Put everything in its Mouth .
Slowly it will be trained in identifying its Food.
Crystal Clear Mind.
No thoughts about anything.
Just Growing with Nature.
The Mother cleaning the Body of the Calf.
The calf started learning the natural laws by licking Mr.Veera babu.
Always try to remain in Your Natural State.
Dont remain with anger and frustrations of Your Mind.

If I am not tied in safe place, some dogs will come and attack Me.
God will take care of us, but we should take preventive steps.
There is no use to leave lamp in whirl wind and ask god to protect the light.
Do Your Duties and leave the results to Him.

These calfs will also recognize the caretakers of them.
And love to be in the presence of Them.
Lord Krishna spent his entire childhood with cows and calfs.
And Loved their Milk and Butter.
I am having Seperate Room .
They say it is like Incubator for me.
Until I am ready to face the People of the World.
I have total faith in Masters.
They know when to take me for having Milk.
It is Parents responsibility to groom children in proper way.
Until they stand on their Own.
But Mothers will take care of their children for their entire lifetime.
Regular Medical checkups are done for me,
for my proper Growth.
Always insist children to have nutritious
 healthy food for their healthy Growth.
Real beauty of Yours 
comes out, only on the basis of 
 the way in which you behave with others.
Based on Your behaviour you will be called as
beautiful or a beast.
Infact beasts are always beatiful as they follow natural Laws.
Always follow the laws laid down by elders and Saints.
Just see the beauty around You.

See the love and concern around You.
and behave with total love and Compassion for others who are in need.
Then God will take care of You.
When You spread love and concern 
you will receive the benefits without any doubts.

All gods are One.
the devotional methods are advised for You.
In the initial stage of self-inquiry.
when You know Yourself. You will see god in everything.
Re-establish the relations with friends and relations.
They will always assist us in our needs.

Beautifully Decorated Pooja Corner in a Devotee's House.
Sri Ramana's Pictures are there in lakhs of house of the Devotees.
Where is Mr. Venkanna ???
Now Mr. Venkanna is showing me the premises of the Ashram.
I am  assessing my surroundings.
Now No time to Talk with You. I have to drink Milk.
I will Meet You Later.
Dont Say I have No time to practice the Spiritual Path.
You are totally under the illusion of that Mind
With Your Materialsitic possessions and your amorous Desires.
Know Yourself.
Spend quality time with family members and learned people.
Your sole purpose of life is not making money and 
getting immersed in worldly activites.
You think that with Your wealth, health and young age,
 with all your materialistic possessions
You will assume that you have successfully acheived.
But all Your strengths are not more than 
this Bird which can lift only few grams of food.
What You have possessed is not equal to a drop in the Ocean.

All of us are having some roles to be played here.
You are just playing the role as given by god.
So Eliminate Your Ego, Play Your role with total Peace.
Always attentively remain with enthusiasm.
See the Beauty. Not the Gloomy Clouds.
When You help others you will see the real beauty.
All these simple practical lessons are known to all of us.
Just try to implement them.
As Advised by Sri Ramana Maharshi and Swamy Ramananda.
Dont postpone your Actions.
Have a Fresh start in your life, there is no time lost.
Know Yourself.
 See the Beauty of Life.
By remaining in the Good Company of People at good Places.
with Patience and dedication 
Preogress in the Path of knowing Yourself.
Have faith in The Masters.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Who ever leaves The Pride of recognizing everything with “ I “, Me and Mine,
Their associated attachments and the thoughts and feelings
Which will bind him with his body and mind ,
Will be called as a saint.

All the different subject matters of this world,
All different physical formations with different names,
 With different genders, different bodies with different colors,
 With different castes and species,
Different races and regions,
Their different qualities and characteristics all are created by that mind
With its imaginations.

Even a saint who has known the supreme self will be dragged
 Into these worldly issues with its attractions and attachments.

So A practicer should be always ever vigilant in his practice.
There should not be any leniency, laziness and negligence . 
all these feelings in practice  will lead to destruction .

You start searching for the Person who is having those thoughts,
For Whom means,
 ‘’It is for ME only ‘’is the answer.

Then ‘’Who am I’’,  Who is that “I”;
 start questing your self with this exercise.
Repeat this exercise continuously.
 With this practice awareness arises.
These exercises have to be done uninterruptedly.

Then all types of thoughts and doubts will run away.

At the time of facing different situations in life,
 We will be getting anger and distress.

Why we are getting them??

Because our Sense of Self will identify itself with body,
 And gets immersed deeply with that body and mind.

With its defective faulty knowledge that mind will allocate
 wrong values to individuals, different incidents and situations.

 With its faulty feelings, it will fail to identify the qualities of different things.
Then distress will be coming there automatically due to all these wrong assessments.

If you overcome these difficulties
, if you experience the true state,
 then you are the Atma.
 All others are also Atma.

 Then anger and distress will disappear.
Only Pure eternal bliss will be there.

The Truth is Permanent.
It always remains in active stimulating state in present.
It can be experienced every day at every moment.

When it is explained about it in simple manner without any
 Pomp and Grandeur many of us won’t accept that truth.

The Atma is known to all.

 But when it is explained about it nobody bothers to listen and learn about that.

They divert their attention to discuss and learn the hidden secrets.
All their curiosity is to know about hell and heaven and  reincarnations .
All their attention is diverted in knowing about those miracles.

They want the hidden mysteries and secrets,
 not the ever present endless truth.

So the religions will explain them the Stories of hidden secrets and mysteries
And slowly in a phased manner
 Shift their focus towards knowing the Atma.

Wherever you go in which ever direction,
Ultimately the Atma itself is “your last Resort.”

So at the Present moment itself,
 Wherever you are,
why don’t you firmly place yourself in that Atma.

n      Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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