Friday, February 5, 2010


Lord Sri Ramana and Matha Seetha Devi.
Doing Pooja to Lord Shiva.
These statues are in a Temple of Lord Shiva,
At Dwarapudi Village,which is near Your Ashram.
Arunachala Shiva, Nandeshwara and Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.
Swamy Ramananda guiding us
 with the divine guidelines of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Welocme to VangalPudi Ashram of
Sri Vani Divya Prasannanda  Mathaji.
The Goddess of  Knowledge.
Matha Saraswathi.

Matha Saraswathi's Temple in Ashram.
Know Yourself.
There is only One.
There is no beginning no end to it.
That One has taken different forms and Names.
Nothing is Impossible.
if You want to learn this art 
You will learn in hours.
It is only the divertion of mind into good deeds.
Yours true nature is love and beauty only. 
You have all the abitilites to assist others.
But,Something pulls back, 
that is your sense of self.
Know Yourself, then you will do wonderful things for others.
Remove all bad impressions in mind.
forget about the past bad incidents.
Just Be in the Present.
Still lots of time is there for You.
Know Yourself.
Then you will be happy at all times.
Matha Saraswathi
Grants all the necessary wisdom.
No of Opportunites are given for You.
God Comes to You in different forms.
When You know yourself., You can experience god.
Beautifully decorated temple of Goddess Saraswathi.
Goddess Lakshmi Devi.

Goddess lakshmi will grant all  the necessary Wealth.

Goddess Saraswathi will grant knowledge and Rationality.
Where ever Goddess Saraswathi Devi is there
Goddess Lakshmi Devi will come automatically.

Whereever Knowledge is there, 
there only wealth will be used in proper Manner.

When Knowledge is not there,
You will not have the Rationality
to distinguish between a Stone and a Diamond.

An Ignorant person dont know how to use his Wealth.

Know Yourself.

According to Your Capacity, Use your knowledge and Wealh
In helping others who are in dire needs.

Goddess Saraswathi uses Swan as her Vehicle.

All the gods are with You.
Every Moment.
Know Yourself, then You will accept the reality.

Look at the Fruits of these Trees.
They are not fit for Consumption.
The Purpose of their Existance and use not yet Explored.
You are intelligent enough to identify good and Bad.
so You have not touched there fruits for Consumption.

When You will explore the purpose of Your Existance ???

Know Your Self. 
Then You will know what to do with these Fruits 
which are not used by anyone.
Like these fruits so many humans are neglected without any care.
Let us help all those who are in need acoording to our capacities.

When You can instantly identify this fruit
 as bad and not fit for consumption.
Then why you are not able to identify
 Driniks, Smoking and various addictive habits 
as bad for Your consumption.

Because You are higly influenced and controlled by
 Your senses of Body and Mind.
Know Yourself.
Start a Fresh Life.

Leave all bad things and progress in the path with good deeds.
with love and  concern for all fellow living things.
Then You will be Spreading Love and Concern all Around.
There are no twists and Turns 
By going in different directions.
Sri Ramana's Way is Express highway.

Control Your Speed.
 It is not a Race to Know about Your true self.
Take Your Own time and Progress in a relaxed and happy manner.
There is just "" A Small Bride to be Crossed"" By You.

Dont go here and there , in search of peace.
Just believe in Sri Ramana.
You need not go anywhere for finding Masters.
He will come to You at Your door Step.

He will show You the Small bridge to be Crossed by You,
Then You can Experience the Total Energy.
That Energy is waiting for You at the other side of this Small Bridge.

No one can deny the immense uses of Electricity for Man Kind.
Similarly Your True self is taking care of the entire man Kind.

Remove the sense of Self,
 spread love and compassion around You
Then You can Experience that Eternal Energy.
Swamy Ramanada and Swamy Lakshmana Dedicated to
Sri Ramana Maharashi.
Always ready to guide us in knowing our True self.
Let us assist them in spreading the words of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Please feel free to contact them for all clarifications
in the path of knowing Your true self.
Now the Path is Cristal Clear for You.
All obstructions are removed for You.
We have kept assisting booths for helping You in the Path.
So Progress in the Path with total faith in Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Asisst the ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us Travel Together

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


When a Mind sticks to a real object and remains in its shelter,
It will leave all types mental resolutions.

 The True physical existence of anything is not important.
 The identification and feeling of that thing by a person is important.

When those feelings are strong, his mind will divert him towards it
and the purpose of that things existence can be attained.
If some object is there,
 we will identify its state of existence with our thoughts and imaginations only.

As some objects are arising out of the power of our
Fabrications and feelings of mind,
those objects can also be eliminated from the mind.

So the main purpose of explaining this is to clarify that
Your entire world and its association with you,
 With its entire content,  is just created by that mind.
 With its continuous interaction with that world,
 With its sense of self with its body,
That mind will create an illusionary world for You.

When that Mind is afflicted with different attachments,
 With different perceptions associated with love and hate,
  It will create a world around You.

When nothing is there, appearance of world is just an illusion.

The reason for these illusions are, the previous impressions in the mind.
There is no beginning to them.
But there is an end to it.

The name of that end is liberation.
That is the management of attachment and liberation.

Your occupational outlook and spiritual outlook should not be mixed together, 
when they are practiced separately then only self-realization is possible.


The knowledge of supreme can not be granted by some one as boon to you.

 For cleaning the sins of soul,
 Meditation, penance, Real knowledge and
Ceaseless continuous practice is the only way.

Without removal of the sense of self identification with body,
You are not considered as a person ,
who is fit for entering into the knowledge of Vedas.

 For removal of that self –inquiry is the only option.

 This world, this body and its senses all are created by that Mind only.
 All those beautiful visible things are capturing your senses
 With its fishing nets of attractions.

When you go on making friendship with those visible things,
You will be always under the charming influence of their mesmerism.
It is like trying to fold the clear sky into different folds with your wild imaginations.

All these are just wild illusions of Mind.

For removal of that self –inquiry is the only option.

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.


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