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Arunachala Ramana's Graceful Guidance to all Devotees.

A Poor Lady from Local Village brought a Holy Cow to Ashram.
According to Scriptures One has to Donate A Holy Cow
to a Saint or Brahmin, in their Life time.
This Old Lady is Completing that formality as laid down by Scriptures.
So The Holy Cow was introuduced to all inmates of Ashram.
It Made three rounds Around 
Sri Ramana Maharshi's Temple.
In the Presence of Swamy's  Cows are having Peace.
Every One offered Bananas to the New Resident.
This Old Women Knows Swamy Ramananda
from his childhood and she is having total faith in him 
due to his Divine Grace received From Sri Ramana Maharshi.

It is like sending a Child to In -laws House.
She is Confident that this Cow will enjoy the Ashram Atmosphere.
She Has Donated Ten Thousand rupees (Us Dollars 120) for making a Fixed Deposit,
For Purchasing Grass to cows.
She saved that Money for long time and completed her Noble Work.
So Rich and Poor all these are  Perceived by  Mind.

 A  Rich Person Even with great wealth , may not donate anything.
A Poor Person without any money will try to donate everything .

So Who is Rich who is Poor.

The real Rich person is one Who helps the Poor According to His Capacity.

Donate to Ashram According to Your Capacity.

Please Take further details by sending a Mail to

All the Details can be obtained after discussing with Ashram .
She Said that GOD has directed her to do something to Cows
through Swamy Ramananda.
Swamy Ramananda Takes From One Hand.
and gives from the Other Hand.
So Let us Joing with him in helping the Poor and Needy.
A collective force will give good Benefit to Number of People.
She is happy that Her cow is under the Care of Ashram.
She said that there is no care for cows and Old People.
Everyone is Busy with their Own selfish Lifes.
So Old people and Old cows 
are going to Ashrams and Community Living centres and Old age Homes.

Look at us, We are neglected by our Masters.
They are concerned about our Auto Load of Milk Only.
We dont have safe places like Ashrams.
So we too started roaming on roads.

There are No forests, there are no Grass fields.
We are starving for Food.
all food grains are for Human consumption Only.
So Like You , we planned to go to Cities,
In search of Greener Pastures.
As we Dont have Reservation in Train
We are sent back.
So everything is Reserved By Humans
We have lost our Place on Earth.
We Searched for Some Good water Source.
and We found Dirty Waters,
No Body will Provide Swimming Pools,
We are content with what we have,
 the dirty Waters created by Humans.
These Poor ducks can not enter these waters.
The Pollutions is so high that they will die.
so they are resting near these dirty waters.
All of them are staying united.
Other wise people will take them eat.

So when we will be United to save all the Fellow living things ??
Know Yourself.
Dont be like a stone, do something according to Your Capacity.
for improving the quality of life of Poor and Needy 
Humans as well as other living things.
Everyone will take undue advantage of Your Innocence and Kindness,
dont succumb to other people provocations.
Know Your self.
You have all the Necessary Strength.
Use your Intelligence and work With Enthusiasm.
Help others in the process.

Again No tickets for us.
this time goods Train came and all foodgrains 
are packed for cities,
 without a trace of them in villages.
Later they will allocate to each village and Send through trucks.

So it is all your foolish behaviour.
 No One is Bothered about Our food Needs.
Just concened about  our  Milk.
Again We went to Fields in search of Grass.
what we found is intoxicating Palm Trees.
So most of the People are habituated in to these country
 Made liquor and spoiling their Health and Wealth.

Our Masters family members and we are suffering out of that.
Let Better sense Prevail on our Masters.
to travel in the right Path.
We are still fascinated by Cities.
We want to Go to cities to know what is there in that.
so we are hanging around the station.
and trying to get some grass .
We are some how manging with little Grass.
But the kids are finding it difficult.
So they are searching each and every inch for some food.
They left little quantity of Milk to my baby and
 took the entire milk for Market.
Now Daily Morning and Evening some Injections are given to us
for lactating Milk quickly.
So do You think that we are born to serve you.
Know Yourself.
Then you will know that both of us are Same.
Appearances are always Deceptive.
People think that we are wild.
But You can see our Patience , we are tolerating all Your Misdeeds.
Know YourSelf.
Then You will know where you went Wrong.
this time we came with the Idea of going to International cities.
But Our masters came in between
and warned us
If we make any further attempts to go out of Village
we will be sent to Slaughter Houses for packing to international Markets.

Know Yourself.
Act today itself.
Stop eating non vetarian food.
GOD has given Millions of Vegetarian food Options.

Dont take the pretext that,
 it is needed for my health and Strength
According to Local climate.
Nothing Wrong in Meeting the Requirements of People of cities.
After all we all are One.
But we should act to improve the whole situation.
By protecting Nature and all other Living things.
By cultivating more food without disturbing the Nature.
Know Yourself.

When You Know Yourself.
You will find simple solutions for All these Problems.
Earlier we used to do some Transportation works.

Now our Masters started using Vehicles and left us on the Roads.
so we are roaming on the roads for Food.
Our Masters are also Not Happy.
They are not getting good money for their hard work.
When they Sell twenty Bags,
 they have to Purchase Ten Bags of Fertilizers and Seeds.
They allways work for others.
In the Process ,
 they are not in a Position to take care about Us.

A Malnutritioned baby.
Healthy Growth of children is very Essential.
We need to Provide nutritious Food to Growing Children.
Look at Me, 
I am lucky to be under the care of Ashram.
I have no desires, everything happens on its Own.
I am Waiting for Ramananda Swamy,
Swamy Promised us that He will Bring Truck load of Grass.
A Guru will take care of his Disicples.
Swamy Ramananda requested some Villagers to give some Grass.
And for the Past Twenty years the local village people are assiting him
According to their Capacities.
Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Holy Cows lucky to be in the Graceful Presence of Bhagavan.

Let us follow the Preachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Know Yourself.
Then nothing will there, for knowing.
Allways have faith in the masters.
Follow Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Feel free to Come and Contact Swamy Ramananda.
These Cows will recognize the touch of Guru's Grace.
They Can Sense the Guru's divine Presence.
Tasty food items are given to Holy Cow.
Kids taking Care of Calfs.
When Kids are concerned about calfs.
How can we train them in eating non vegetarian food.
We have to treat other animals on par with children.
Assured life for these Cows.
Whether they give milk or not that is Immaterial.
the milk of these cows are left for calfs .

Ashram is Planning Old age Home for Humans.
And Old age Cows will be Joining with them.
Before God all are Equal.
Mr. Nagender and Mr. Veera babu taking care of the New Resident.
this holy cow is going to meet her new Friends in Ashram.

Know Yourself.
 then You will adjust to all circumstances.
All good and Bad circumstances.

Know Yourself.
You will find Peace.
 irresective of Your Place of Living.

In the Path of Progress. 
You will find thorns and Roses.
Remove all thorns and
 Plant More and More Trees as You Progress.

After You travel certain time in Your journey of life,
You can see visibile changes.
all beautiful trees will comeup around Your Path.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Enemies and friends, pride and possessions, abuses and insults,
all these are created and comprehended by that Mind, with its limitations.

Some one may be an enemy for you as per your analysis
with the dealings between both of you.

But , Is he Enemy to all in this world,
He is not having any friends for Him ?,
Definitely he will have friends.

Simlarly the person whom we consider as friend,
is he friend for all ?.
He is not having any enemies for Him ??,
definitely he will have enemies.

If someone is a friend or  an enemy for us,
then he should remain like that with everyone in the world.
But it is not happening like that,
so what we can conclude with this is,

every one is having their own set of friends and enemies,
all our friends and enemies are fabricated by that Mind.

Similarly all our attachments with our people and friends
With our pride and passions,
Our attachment to wealth and endless possessions,
All these are conceived and nurtured by that Mind.

If the limited low grade feeling which are based on that Mind are removed,
The High grade unlimited universal supreme feeling of
That true self will evolve for You.

When all your feelings identifying your self with body are gone,
The Divine feelings of true self will come to You.


Who ever receives praises and abuses with total equality,
by always remaining in tranquil state of stillness with internal silence,
is a true devotee.

Who ever is content with what ever he receives in the course of events of his life ,
is a real devotee.

Who ever remains with stable state of intelligence
without staying firmly at one place with stagnation, is a true devotee.

All these praises and abuses are just sound waves created by some physical body.

Why should we give some importance to them ?
by giving such importance why should we alter our primary form
by having cognizance of those excitements of praises and
having excruciating torture in mind with those abuses.

If you remain in serene state of silence that is enough for you.
But is it so easy to remain without any  reactions in that state ??,

if something which is desired is not obtained,
Will it come with your anxiety and distress ??


So in the process of earning your livelihood of food
you have to accept and get satisfied with what ever you receive
with total satisfaction and contentment.

Similarly in the case of Family and friends,
in the case of your status in the society,
in the case of your wealth and possessions,
you should not have any sense of belonging to anything.

Whatever comes to you with your efforts and dedication,
Accepting it with total contentment is necessary.

These are all the qualities of a devotee.

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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