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Arunachaleshwara, Nandieshwara, and Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.
Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Lakshmana.
Spreading the Spirituality for Taking out the Stress of Daily Life.
Their duties and responsiblites are
 spreading Arunachala Ramana'sPreachings.
There is No escape routes for You.
You have to attend to Your duites and Responsibilites.
When You Know Yourself. 
All the worldly activites can be accepted in Peaceful Manner.
So Attend to your official duties. 
The driving force is behind You.
People attending to their duties.
Truck drivers transporting Sugar Cane.
It is The Farmers who provide us with natural food items.
They attend to their duties with responsibility ,
 without any expectations of their labor.
If the crops sustains the natural and man made calamities, they will get the fruits..
So Always help poor and needy ,according to your capacity,
without any expectaions.
Even kids are busy with their duties and Responsibilites.
They go to School regularly.
They are also having hectic time schedules Now.
Assist them in coping with the Pressures of modern world.
Don t think that I can't do anything.
or It does not make much difference if i do something.
You are standing tall with total strength.
Have a look around Your Area.
to assist the Poor and needy according to Your Capacity.
Yougsters going to college for Education,
For Acquiring the skills of Survival.
Every one should be engaged in meaing full activity.
Try to create Some employement opportunites to the Youth.
Rice Crops under Cultivation.

Coconuts trees amidst Rice Crops.
Farmers attending to their duties in fields.
Now the Fields are managed by few people.
More and More farmers are stopping agriculture and
 Migrating to Cities for Better Incomes.
A good Pricing mechanism for produce of the farmers has to be evolved.
Now they are focussing on Commercial Crops only.
Take a Break from Your hectic life styles.
Enjoy the Natural beauty once in six months.
By visiting the villages and places of interest.

If the water is not Polluted,
 just a cloth is enough for filterning it.
Attending to responsibility of taking water to Home.
Each and every action should have a meaningful result.
Dont waste time in unncessary bad habits and activites.
Growing crops is a very responsible Job.
It is a social responsibility.
Water is Precious Dont waste It.
Assist Ashram in providing safe drinking water in Some Villages.
Donating for water is very Holy Donation.
Just have a look at the beauty of nature.

Grow plants, flowers and Vegetable around Your Home.
Buy some Agriculture land and  Bring more
 land under cultivation it will generate employment.

We have made excellent progress in industrial and Information Technology Sector.
Now it is time to go back to Agricultural Sectror.
Time and tide waits for No one.
As the sunsets the day closes for farmers.
But in cities, 
Night life begins by engaging in meaningless bad activties.
Know Yourself. Reform Yourself.
And the Whole world will be beautiful for You.
 A hectic day is concluded without any consciousness,
 in the modern world of making money.
Know Yourself. 
It will tell You how to execute your  duties with total consciousness 
Then You can enjoy all your earnings in a meaningful Manner.
Enjoy with family and friends.
Spend money in meanigful manner.
don't waste on unncessary things at unwanted places.
Always take care about Your family and Friends.
Try to help the needy in the Process.
According to Your Capacity.
Dont take the burdens which You can't take along
 in your ride of Life.
You will progress in life, 
when you have patience and continuous efforts.
Know Yourself,
 You will gain all the necessary Strength.
After a days work, 
spend meaningful time with family and Friends.
Spend time in grooming the Children.
when You Know yourself, You will spread knowledge with all.
Swamy Ramanda Listening to Devotees.
There are thousands of devotees who take advise from
Swamy Ramananda for leading the life in a peaceful manner.
Have faith in Master.
Mr. Nagender has No education but he has No worries.
Because he has total faith in Swamy Ramananda.
total surrender to Master gives the necessary peace of Mind.
Have faith in Sri Ramana Maharshi. 
Gurus Grace is shining on his Face.
Sri Ramana Maharshi will Grant You all the Grace.

A New lease of Life for You.
As You are ready to Know Yourself.
Make a New Beginning forget about the past mistakes.
You have all the necessary strength.
To progress in the path of Self-inquiry. 

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Firmly remaining in your true state is not at all a difficult task.
Now you are oppressed by that sense of self identification with body.

When this feeling is removed you will become that true self.

 The feelings of yourself as separate entity comes only when
 That mind is exposed towards outside world.

When individuality is not there
 All ever expanding thoughts of mind will disappear.

This Individuality and all actions of mind will live and
 Grow with each other.

If one is not there, the other one will disappear.

The experience of true self is possible for an eliminated mind.

It means the mind which has turned inside towards the true self.
Then the mind will know its roots and
 it will transform itself and identify with that true self.

Disappearance of the sense of self is the real truth.


Each and every person and every spiritual book will explain
 in great detail about liberation.
 But no one will speak about the basic question.

 What is that fundamental question ?

That liberation is for Whom?? .

 Everyone wants liberation for him.
 When we question him about this, he replies that, that liberation is for him only.

Is it for his physical body or for his mind or for his true self ??.

He doesn’t know about himself.
 If you want liberation, is it not necessary for you to Know about You, ??.

If you identify yourself with your physical body,
 That is liable to perish and you will get liberation naturally in due course. 
There is no need to put in any extra efforts for realizing it.

If you are that Mind, what is that Mind,??

That Mind is nothing but a cluster of thoughts
 Which are formed with mental resolutions.

 If you want liberation from that exercise of your will,
 You have to remove all imaginations.

If you say that I am the Soul,
 Then have you ever felt and experienced that soul,?.

So learn about that living thing.

Know about your true self,
 that is the liberation for You.

All your illusionary imaginations will vanish once you experience that
 And forever you remain in that State.

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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