Friday, February 5, 2010


Lord Shiva begging  Food 
From Matha Annapoorneshwari.
Lord Shiva with Food from Matha Annapoorneshwari.

Donations of food is the best Donation.
Let us help all those people who are in need of Food
Around our Area according to Our Capacity.

Arunachala Shiva.
Arunachala Ramana and Lakshmana Swamy
with devotees In Arunachala Ramana's Temple in ashram.
Swamy Ramanada dedicated his life to Sri Ramana Maharshi.
The Old Man with red shawl is having expertice in singing spiritual Songs.
Matha Seetha Devi and Lord Rama
with Lord lakshmana and Lord Hanuman.

Pooja perfomed to Small shiva Linga. 
Lord Arunachaleshwara.
We all are under the Graceful shade of God.

A great Saint of Kaliyuga, Avatar Mehar Baba.
Swamy Ramananda and Devotees singing bhajans
on the Occassion of 116h Birthday of Omkara Swamy.
Omkara Swamy in Shanthi Ashram.
Singing of Bhajans by Devotees.
Bhajans Gives Immense Peace of Mind to Devotees.
thousands of Devotees assembled at Holy Place of Shanthi Ashram.
We should always try to in the good company of people at Good Places.
A simple sitting itself gives Peace at good Holy Places.
Where ever You Go, what ever You follow.
Always spread love and peace in the Process.
Lord Shiva's temple In Shanthi Ashram.

Lord Shiva with Lord Ganesha first son of lord Shiva.
and Nandieshwara.
Lord Subrahamanya second son of Lord Shiva.
Priests Protecting the thousands of Years old
Customs and Traditions of dooing Poojas.

Priests performing the Pooja.
There are thousands of Priests who have dedicated
 their lifes to God  with total devotion.
All the Devotees participated in Pooja.
Normally all Holy Temples will be on Hills only.
Untouched by Human feet.
All the Devotees sitting on four corners of  Temple.
Lord Shiva after Abhishekham.
with Bilva Patras and Flowers.
Matha Durga Devi.
Swamy Ramanada Explaining the Various 
Devotional and Spiritual Methods of Knowing the Atma.
Your House is Beautiful.
there is no need to go  anywhere in search of  Peace.
All is there inside You.
Inside Your House.
Know Your self.
Then You can see the beauty of life.
The Path is clear and Clean for you.
Have faith in the masters.
Dont get tempted by distortions to take rest on the Way.
Do Your duties with dedication and enthusiasm.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together 

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


When you are seeing everything with the Physical Eyes,
Everything will appear to you in physical form.
When you are in dreams, whatever you see are atomic in nature.
When the mind is immersed in deep sleep, no visible objects will be there.

All these visible things are fluctuating in nature.
They depend upon the person who is seeing.

When you are not aware of the body ,its senses and the mind,
in the complete state of experiencing the true self, nothing will be visible to you, Except that Atma.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

In our wakeful state we will perceive this world with our different perceptions.

A person with scientific curiosity will search for base of everything and tries to know the reason for happening incident. A lightening is perceived as electric charge by environmental scientist. When a doctor treats a patient, he to tries to diagnose the disease of the patient.

A person with intentions of making money will strive for it and tries to find various opportunities of making money with his endless thoughts and deeds. After earning wealth, fame, family and friends he will declare with his pride all his prized possessions as, “this is My Wealth; these are my people” and continues to strive for serving them.

It all depends upon the way in which people wants to see the world with their preconditioned mind sets with its wrong wild imaginations of Mind.

Those who are interested in education will learn from skilled people and train others in turn. Those who are interested in family life will take care of their parents, wife and children by working in different professions. With these feelings of love and attachments they will be bound by worldly passions in this world.

Similar type of feelings of love and attachments they will experience when there are in sleep.

A person is sleeping and he got a dream. In his dream he thinks that he needs money for his comforts and goes to a Guru for education. Then he becomes a learned man. He starts earning money by teachings his disciples. He starts living happily with his wife and children in his newly acquired house and lands. Suddenly on one day flood comes to the river and all his family members and disciples drowning in river. He Shouts “Help Help , protect my family members’’ and awakens from sleep.

Then he comes out of his anxiety and confirms that it is just a dream and laughs at his lamentations and fears with his ignorance and reaches to his normal state.

Your wakeful state also similar to this.

As your dreams are based on your sleep, all your worldly activities are under Maya, they are based on illusions of Mind. Maya means your ignorance of truth. When that Maya is removed this illusionary world also removed.

As a person who comes out of dreams confirms all incidents of his dream has not changed his condition, a person who has removed his ignorance will never have any changes in his condition in any stages of his life in this world.

He will confirm his stable state of pureness without any changes by those illusions and laughs at his earlier lamentations and fears with his ignorance and firmly remains in his true natural state.


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