Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga in
Doosara Pamula Village, Near Rajavommangi.
Arunachaleshwara, Nandieshwara and
 Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Swamy Ramananda's total surrender
 To Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Goddess Durga Temple In Doosara Pamula Village.
The Gopuram of the Goddess Durga Temple.
Lord Hanuman At the entrance of 
The Doosara Pamula Village.

You Will find Peace in the Presence Mother Durga.
Lord Venkateshwara with Goddesses in Temple.
Lord Krishna and Radha.
Radha's Devotion to Lord Krishna.
""Know Yourself."""
Just Remove the Grills of Greed.
This is one of the First steps in your Path.

All your Problems are due to your Actions 
with limitations of Body and Mind.
Know Your Self.
You will find the Limitless Real world.
Then You  Are a Free Bird in this Illusionary World.
Know Yourself.
When the Veils of Illusion are removed.
A Whole New world appears Before You.
You will see God Everywhere.
Gods Grace is there with You.
He is having a vigilant Eye Over  You.
Know Yourself.
Then All Your Actions will be of Divine Nature.
Otherwise You have to Pay the Price for All Your Actions.

No One has the Authority or
 Capacity to Escape from His Actions.

Every Day in the Evening, these Village People
Will be doing Poojas and Bhajans in Goddess Durga Temple.
And their Day Starts with Pooja to Goddess Durga.

Know Yourself.
Then You will Know How to Use your Time.

Engage Yourself in all materialstic activites without the sense of Doer.
Then all your actions will give your Peace and happiness.
There is No pleasure in Satisfying our Endless desires
Repetitively on daily basis.
Know Yourself.
 Then All your Pleasures and Satisfactions 
will gain a new meaning.
You wll be at peace with Yourself.
Know the Beauty of Gods Creations.
Allways try to Help the Poor and Needy according to Your Capacity.
God will be there, where ever love and Comapassion is there.
Passionate Performance of work by Mr. Pandu.
Work With Dedication.
Know Yourself.
then You will know the Purpose of work.
God Has given different duties and Responsibilites.

This saint is given the duty of spreading 
the Spiritual Preachings of Great Saints.
We all are One.
Just Our Roles and Responsibilites are Different.
Dont worry about the future.

Mr. Nagender is Not worried about his future.
He is confident that his skill sets will allow him to survive in the Market.

Improve your skill sets, Continuously,
there should not be any Stagnation in the Process of Progress in life.

Know Yourself.
Then You will know how to apply your skill sets for survival.
These Sadhus have renounced the Materialistic World.
They dont have any Incomes.
they depend on the Society.
And Society depends on them.

they have taken the responsibility of protecting the ancient preachings,
We need to protect them by attending to their basic Needs.
Know Yourself.
When You have the Internal Strength of True self.
You dont need any special strength to handle the worldy affairs.
All will be handled in a Hands Free manner.
Mr. Nagender is having all the strength to lead life Happily.
these Saints have total strength  with their dedication to God.
they are not worried about the future.
We Need a Safe and healthy surroundings around our House.
Keep Your Surroundings Clean.
These saints will never have a House, and they will not stay at fixed Place.
They will be travelling all over the country, 
People assist them in their Journey.
People have total faith in these saints,
becuase they preach them the  Meaning of life.
You have to Improve Yourself.
By acquiring all necessary things for family and Friends.
In the Process You have to help the Poor and Needy.
These saints will Improve themselves 
by reaching out to More and More People.
By Bringing More and More People in to Right Path.

Trust the Masters.
 They Preach with total Authority.
The Authority which they gained with their Devotion to god.

Know Yourself.
Take the Assistance of  Right Guru.
There is no need to Search for him,
He will come to you at right time at your own Place.

Very Good.
You have made good Progress and fullfilled Your Responsibilites.
By coming from Small Hut to a Big House.

Now Know Yourself.

Just Look at the small bird in Picture,
 for it A hand full of Nest is sufficient.

Dont try to acquire new properties for selfish use,
with your Greediness.

""Dont install Grills of Greed In Your New House.""

Dont Purchase Unnecessary things with your greediness.

After all you  can not Keep two legs in Two Houses.

Have Contentment in life and enjoy it.
In the process spread the Joy and Happiness around You.

KNow Yourself.
then all the Mysteries of this world
 are revealed for You.
Allways save some money for the Rainy Days.
Dont waste Your Money on Unnecessary things.
Use your extra money for Productive works.
Try to provide employment to the needy.

Donate something to the needy according to your Capacity.
Make it a regular Habit, on par with your monthly Budgets.
These People are not having Money.
They Purely depend on Peoples.
Let us help them in meeting their basic needs.
You are totally engrossed in surviving in this world,
Just relax, have a look around.
Know Yourself.
Then You will work with total enthusiasm.

Dont close the Doors on the faces of People
 who approach you for assistance.
Dont deny food and clothing and medical assistance.

for other things,
analyse their requirement,
 if it is genuine assist them.
Ensure that only the people who deserve assistance,
 has to receive it.

It means, 
if You give some money for meeting his monthly food expenses,
 and he uses for purchasing the Liquor in bars it is bad.

Supporting a Bad cause is as good as doing a bad thing.

Allways listen to elders and Learned Masters.
Allways take care about the Elderly People of Your House.
And Try to take care of the Poor and Needy people 
According to Your Capacity.
You are having the total Capacity 
and Strength toHandle all types of situations.
Know Yourself.
then You will progress in the Path with out any Hurdles.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


You will be planning to deal with them in different ways.
You will be doing different activities with different things.

You will be wavering in them to do in this way or in that way,
With continuous alterations and adjustments in your approach.

Instead of eliminating those unnecessary activates,
you will be engrossed in them and accumulate them.
Destroy the root of of those Actions.

All those actions are based on Your thoughts.
They are arising from Your Pride and Ego.
For cutting that Ego You have to use the Axe of Self-inquiry.

The Nature of that Mind always dispenses distress by always attending to its desires.

When it Gains its hidden strength by
Conducting itself with desire less actions without any expectations.
Then It will place you in total Happiness of True self.

When soap water enters the eyes of a baby,
She will start crying for assistance.

But in case of you, you will not cry and try to clean your eyes.
Your intellect instructs you to behave in a matured way.
You will clean your eyes quickly without crying and also clean the baby’s eyes.

But when a bigger nail pricks your feet,
You will cry for few minutes and come back to remedial actions
With your intellect and past experiences.

The Pain is same for child and adult,
But reacting to them is different.

So with our actions,
With our thoughts of mind with lasting impressions on intellect,
We will be reacting with various emotions.

All our reactions are based on identifying ourselves with body only.

We always try to protect it, preserve it,
Give comforts to it, by forgetting its perishable nature,
We will be engaging in different things in this world,
With our body and actions of thoughts of mind by using the impressions in intellect.

As we grow from childhood,
We will be making millions of impressions in our mind
With its actions of body and thoughts,
While dealing with them it will create some lasting memories in intellect.

That Mind creates an imaginary world for you
With its continuous interactions and will make You a King.

Then all your rationality and faculties of senses
Will be applied to satisfy your selfish needs of
Your imaginary personal world.
With the identification of yourself with body,
You will be ever expanding your imaginary kingdom,
With family and friends, with your pride and ego,
With your passions and possessions you will be
Always revolving around them with your attachments.

All these are due to wrong identification of yourself, with the body.
These actions And thoughts of mind with their lasting impressions in intellect,
 always based on the Illusionary “I”.

It is totally a false identification of yourself.

When You start knowing your true self with self-inquiry,,
Your actions, thoughts of Mind and intellect
will divert you towards your true nature of true self.

Then all of them will acquire the properties of true self and
Transform you in remaining in the reality of real world.

Then all your activities in this imaginary world are handled
Effortlessly in ever present bliss full state.

 --- With the Grace of
Sri Ramana Mahaharshi.