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Swamy Ramananda offering prayers to Arunachala Ramana .

Swamy Ramananda preparing for Ramana Gayatri Homam on 09.08.09.

46th Birthday celebrations of Sri Ramananda Swamy and Lakshmananda Swamy.

Ramana Gayatri Homam performed for the welfare of the Society.





Sri Ramana Maharshi said, If anyone recites the above Gayatri mantram

for twenty Seven Times it is equal to making

a Giripradakshina to Arunachalam of Tiruvannamalai.

Veda Pandits performing Ramana Gayatri Homam.

Offerings to gods by Twin Swamy's and Veda Pandits.

The Devotees requested the Swamy's to do homam on the occasion of 46th birthday.

For the first time in their life, with the request of nearby villagers
Swamys' agreed for the Birthday Celebrations.

The Agni Lingam of Arunachaleshwara in Homa Gundam.

Dedicate yourself to God.

Let him take all your burdens. Have confidence in him.

His love is number of times greater than mother's love.

Twin Swamy's dedicated themselves to Aruanchala Ramana.

Poornahuti of Ramana Gayatri Homam.

By Reciting Veda Mantras, We Can Control our Mind.

By Reciting mantra's we can

synchronize mantra, mind and breath.

Namaskaram (salutation) will destroy your Ahankaram.(ego).

Ashram inmate, who resites Arunachala Shiva Nama Japam day and night,

enjoying the Birthday Celebrations.

If you have deep craving  with patience,
the right Guru will Come to you without your efforts.

The most valuable messages are conveyed without words.

Eswara - Divine blessing - Guru - all are " one " . The three words are Synonyms.
That" one" is permanent. That" one " is omnipresent.

We will become unfit with a weak mind.To make a peaceful mind, we Need Blessings. for the grace of god and blessings we need to do respectful service to Sadhus,Sants, Swamys and all other beings with name and Shape.

Matru Devo bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava.
The Divine Mother of Sri Ramananda Swamy and Lakshmana Swamy.
We are greatful to her for presenting us twin swamy's for our enlightenment.

She leads a selfless life.

Everyone has to do pooja to Mother, who has given Name and Shape to you .

Lakshmana Swamy is part of Ramananda Swamy.

Lakshmana Swamy gives utmost respect to Ramananda Swamy.

Sri Ramananda swamy got the Divine blessings of Sri Ramana and Established the Ashram on 15 August,1990.

within short time Lakshmana Swamy also got the divine blessings and followed

the path of his Brother and Arunachala Ramana .

The way of selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

Swamy Ramananda and Lakshmana Swamy With guest of Honour
Shri. Gorasa Subrahmanya charyulu, Scholor on Bhagavat Gita.

Spiritual heads of our Associate Ashrams delivered their messages.

Twin Swamys' and Spiritual Scholars Praying to Arunachala Ramana.

Shri. Gorasa Subrahmanyacharyulu, Guest of Honour, Presided over the birthday celebrations.

Twin Swamys' Listening to messages of spiritual heads of associate ashrams.
Swamy Lakshmananda, Delivering his message.

He said Lakshmana is Part of Rama.

Swamy Ramananda conveyed that it is not his birthday. It is the birthday of all of us. If we remove Name and Shape from our thoughts there is only " ONE ". That One has taken different Names and Shapes in the world. That "ONE" is 'ATMA".

We will have different Gurus. The first Guru is mother, who teaches us to eat. She teaches several things with patience.
The Second Guru is Father who teaches you how to walk around the world.
Then School Teacher who teaches you the words and letters.

Then you will have different guru's one for learning cycling, driving, swimming

and number of Guru's will enter your life in preparing you to survive in this


But All the above Guru's will help you in acquiring skills to survive in this world.

Do we need any other Guru ???

Yes, We all need a Spiritual Guru.

Then How to Identify a Spiritual Guru.

For choosing other Guru's you have the option of choosing according to your requirements.

But having a Spiritual Guru, it entirely depends upon the Eswara Anugraham at Appropriate time.

All your attempts will be of no use, until you deserve to have a Spiritual Guru.

So in choosing a Spiritual Guru you have no option.
He comes to You at Appropriate time.

Swamy Ramananda Takes from one hand and gives with the other hand.

He advises people to have a nutritious timely food.

Physical fitness leads to mental fitness.

Lots of diseases like Diabeties, Cancer, heart attack can be avoided
regular and timely nutritious vegetarian food.

Swamy Ramananda Says, We should not worry about the things which are not under our control.
Let what ever has to happen let it happen ,it is not under our control.
Dont worry about the things which are not under our control.

Do your work with determination and dedication and end result will come as you desire.

Swamy collecting Arunachala Shiva Koti Nama Japa books written by devotees.

108 Crores "Aruanchala Shiva" nama likitha(written) books will be sanctified

under a small hill to be constructed near the western side of Arunachaleshwara

Temple Complex.
A Devotee totally immersed in salutation of Guru. There are Numbers of Devotees who visit the Ashram from their Childhood.

Do Pooja to God with Dedication and Bhakti.

Everyone one will have different levels of dedication and Bhakti.
God will Bless you numbers of times more than your level of Dedication and Bhakti.

Everyday people come to Sri Ramananda Swamy, to share their joys like,

marriages, childbirth, examinations, employment, housewarming ceremonies.

They share their joys and Seek suggestions from Swamy for day to day problems.

The innocent kid in the presence of Sri Ramananda, having a look at Bhagavan Ramana Statue, after taking Prasadam from Swamy.

They need simple food and sweets and playing items.
Not much more than that.

Let all of us try to provide the basic necessities to the innocent kids who are in the

early stages of entering this world.

Gyan dhan, Pran Dhan and Anna Daan.

There are three types of Donations.
Knowledge, Life(medical treatment) and Food.

support us in executing the above.

Bhooka logonko, bujurgon ko Khana Khilo.

Provide food to the needy and prevent hunger around you.

Young Girls and Boys need nutritious food during growing age provide them with

Nutritious Food.
It gives immense satisfaction in serving the food.
If your are poor just offer a glass of water.

If you are middle class, donate according to your capacity, dont strain your budgets.

If you are rich , donate according to your status.

Assist us in serving the poor. See the difference.

Women is the heart of the home. Take care about them.

A mother will eat only after feeding all the family members. 

Think about old people in the family.

See at the kids. their satisfied smiles are brighter than the stars.
Let us earadicate the hunger around us.

Kids to old people , boys and girls women and men all needs to be taken care of.

Avoid intoxicating foods and spend for the poor.

Provide food to the boys and girls who are need.

Have a look at this satisfied boy.
We have to provide food ,education and accommidation to the boys and girls who are denied the basic requirements.

Support us in helping them.

Have a look at the little girl after lunch.
Have a look at the golden smile in her face.

these girls need bread and butter.

  They need little food and play happily.

They have not yet entered the materialistic world.

Let them enjoy the childhood. Let us help them in seeing a golden smile.

Learn to Sing Bhajans and Kirtans,and also music, singing, painting and dancing.

It keeps mind and body under control.

Dr. Rama Rao, our Chief doctor, who conducts medical camps regularly, 
  honouring Ramananda Swamy on the occasion of 46th Birth Day celebrations.

Ramananda Swamy presented Photo album of Sri Ramana Maharshi, to Suryananda Swamy of our Associate Ashram.

These Three young boys are the All rounders of the Ashram.

They manage the Goshala, Garden, kitchen,water needs and cleanliness around the Ashram.

The Litte masters Dattatreya to the left and Sita Swaroop Kumar to the right

Concluded the Birthday Celebrations
taking Krishna and Arjuna to goshala.

The way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

Please visit the Ashram for learning Sri Ramana's way of Selflessness.

Ashram accepts all types of donations by way of seva, material and money for its humanitarian
devotional activities.

All the people around the world are requested to assist the Ashram.

Everyone can come to Ashram and take a break from the routine Activties.
Spend sometime with Sri Ramananda Swamy to learn Sri Ramana's Preachings.

All are requested to contact us on the following mobile Numbers.
Mobile Nos. 097056 51231, 97056 51232. land line : 08868 228737.

feel free to contact 24/7.

Email us

Arunachala shiva, Arunachala Shiva, Arunachala Shiva, Arunachalaaaa.


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  1. May the twins swamis be showered with GRACE from Bhagvan Sri Ramana Maharshi to continue to spread HIS messages across the country.