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A view of medical Camp of Ashram. Nurses busy enrolling the old people.

There are so many people who require medical attention. Most of these Villagers are suffering with joint pains , Malnutrition and Eye Problems.

Six Hundred people are treated on the day . Identified 90 people for Eye operations.

Free Medicines Distributed and all Eye operations will be conducted at our Associate Hospital.

Our chief Doctor who takes care about all our Medical Camps.
Every month medical camps are conducted for poor and needy people in nearby villages and free medicines and free treatment will be done
the Grace of God.

Poor people eagerly waiting for meeting Doctor. Doctor and nurses checked all the people with love and compassion.

The Camp is conducted under a Grand old tree of Hundred years.

Doctor Sir reading the reports, Sister patiently listening to patients for distribution of medicines.

A Satisfied old lady giving a look at Camera.

She interacted with medical team happily and moved around the Camp.

Happiness wont come with materialistic things , it's a State of Mind.

Three sisters, checked the temperatures, blood pressure and other medical tests where ever necessary and distributed the medicines to all the Patients with love.

Nursing and Teaching are few of the Noble professions. Nurses will take care of physical body fitness with compassionate words.

Teachers will mould the child for mental fitness to make a good citizen.

Society depends on both of them .

we are concentrating on both the activities.

Everyone around the world , can learn from us, Sri Ramana's Way of Selflessness -
Happiness - mental fitness - ultimately to reach selflessness.

Swamy Ramananda Inaugurating a Vocational Stitching institute of Ashram.

The Teacher ,comes from five kilometers by scooter, to train the Girls.

One of the Sewing machine, Inaugurated by Ms. SriDevi, A Devotee of Ashram.

She learned

Tailoring and earns money by serving people of her Village.

She is a Great Cook and in her free time she takes care of the Ashram Kitchen.

One of the Sewing Machine, Inaugurated by Pattieshwara Swamy, Who is a tailor by Profession and part of Ashram for past 19 years .

He is a childhood friend and follower of Sri Ramananda Swamy, Now 24 hours he is in the service of Arunachala Ramana and Arunachaleshwara.

Swamy Ramananda Explaining the Importance of Education to Girls who dropped studies.

He told them that Every one needs Economic Independence, especially for Women it is very essential.
They need not depend on anyone in case of trouble in life.

when they learn some skill they can lead their own life.

All the people around the world are earning great riches because of their skills.

For Example thousands of Indians Learned software skills and earning great money's in different countries.

It is Sarswathi Devi, Which Brings Lakshmi Devi.

We request all people around the world to contribute generously for bringing change in the lives of poor people especially, Orphans, Poor Girls and Boys, Old people neglected by their own materialistic people .

We are having a panel of Doctors and chartered Accounts, Web Masters and people from different professions, who sincerely serve Sri Ramananda Swamy in his Activities.

Every Rupees is valuable and will be spent According to Principles of Sri Ramananda.

Old couple, Who actively serve the Ashram in Maintaining Goshala and Kitchen.

The Young Boy, Named Dattatreya is Studying In LKG.

His Daily routine is going to School, Visiting Ashram after School, Reciting Namam of Arunachaleshwara and returning to Home.

The Two Kids Immerse in the Arunachaleshwara Nama Japam. They eagerly wait for their turn at mike.

All the Kids around the world below 12 years are considered as Daiva Swarupam.
Have a Look at their faces you can see god in them.

Arunachala shiva, Arunachala Shiva, Arunachala Shiva, Arunachalaaaa.

We request all people around the world to contribute generously for Ashram's Activities.

Everyone around the world are requested to visit our ashram and learn the Bhagavan's of Selflessness.

Its a great pleasure for us to Explain the Sri Ramana's Preachings.

Please contact us :,

Arunachala Shiva, Arunachala Shiva, Arunachala Shiva, Arunachala.


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