Friday, September 25, 2009


When We have Unfulfilled Desires , We will have Anxiety and Stress. 
Our Mind Always Chases Something.
For attaining our Goals, We will put in lots of Efforts.
We will Face lots of Obstacles. We Worry about our Goals and Desires. 
Anxiety and Desires they go Hand in Hand. 
As Desires increase, so is Anxiety.
. The Root Cause of Anxiety is Desire.
As Long As Mind is there We can't prevent Anxiety and Stress. 
If anyone is not having the Two, either they May be Mad or A Saint. 
Because Both Will Not have General Public Mind. 

General People will have Lots of EGO, They always boast about their Wealth, Children, Their Achievements. 
They Compare with Others.
They Feel Jealous.
Jealousy leads to Anxiety and Stress.
For Reducing Stress we go to movies, bars, listen to Music, Meditation and all to reduce the Stress.
All this is Temporary. 

We all Love to Sleep Why ? , When We are in Deep Sleep,
We don't Know about
Our Body, Our People, Our Wealth and Even Our Name.

It is 'SELF"less State.

So Remove The EGO and " I " 

You Will Experience the Ultimate Happiness. - Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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